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Assignment Sheet—Essay ENGL 4301.001 Each essay should be approximately 4000 words (around 8-10 pages, but if you end up going longer that’s OK), not counting the separate Works Cited page, and should have standard one inch margins, double spacing, and ordinary font size (Times New Roman 12 point is a good standard). Papers must use MLA documentation style (details in the MLA Handbook beginning on pg. 123. Each essay must include at least one quote from a minimum of four scholarly sources. Non-scholarly sources will not count. One of these sources may be an article or chapter from the McCarthy anthology we’ve read for class. You may choose which novel you focus on. I would recommend not trying to deal with more than two of McCarthy’s books in a modest-sized paper of this sort. You may write on the film if you like, but you’ll need to feel comfortable handling film criticism. Your essay must have a clear, specific thesis in the first paragraph that identifies the point you’re making about the text and explains how this helps us to understand the meaning of the text. In order to support this thesis, your paper should quote or paraphrase specific details from the text that illustrate your ideas; your paper should also provide specific analysis (close reading) of specific scenes that explains how each of those details helps to prove your thesis. In making your argument, the paper should clearly show how each passage contributes to your understanding of the work as a whole and/or how it illuminates one of the broader issues we discuss in class. (See pg 213-232 in MLA Handbook on how to cite works within your text.) You need at least one short quote from each of the scholarly sources on your works cited page. It’s OK if you find you disagree with the argument one of the scholarly sources is making—just clearly explain why you think the author is wrong. Generally speaking, a “story” is a work of fiction, a novel, or sometimes an autobiography. Non-fiction works are…

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