Abortion Acceptable Argumentative Essay

Abortion Acceptable Argumentative Essay

Research/Outline (14%)

During this stage, you will demonstrate continued thought on the project. This will be done in two areas.

1) Research (40 points): demonstrate that research has been done, including moral theories to be used, background fact sources, etc. Brief explanations should accompany the entries.

2) Outline:

A) A more well-developed thesis/introduction for the paper

B) Some idea about the different parts of the paper, including which moral theories will be used

C) A solid plan for how the paper will be executed

The Proposal will be scored as follows:

Introduction: The R/O has a clear and developed introduction, with a thesis and direction, which identifies the issue or action, the moral theories to be used, and the direction the resolution will take (20 points)

Plan: The R/O has a clear and detailed plan, which demonstrates thoughtful work and an understanding of the moral theories to be used (50 points [15 each for the moral theories])

Research: The R/O has a detailed working research page, with at least three sources beyond course materials (30 points)


The final paper is the culmination of the course. It should be a finished product. It should have a well-formed thesis, helpful details, accurate descriptions of moral theories, and an argument which contains original premises which support the conclusion the argument reaches.

Final papers will be between 2000-2500 words in length (not counting any title page or works cited page!). They can use any citation style they want, so long as there are in-text citations and a works-cited page that corresponds to the citations you make within the paper.

I will score these as follows:

INTRODUCTION: The paper clearly identifies the moral action or issue to be discussed, the moral theories to be used, and the resolution that will be offered. (10 points)

MORAL ACTION/ISSUE DESCRIPTION: The paper clearly describes the issue or action to be considered, with relevant researched facts backed by proper citation. (20 points)

MORAL THEORY DESCRIPTIONS: The paper accurately identifies the moral theories to be used, with citations to course materials. (10 points, 5 points each)

MORAL THEORY ANALYSIS: The paper applies the theories to the issue or action in a way commensurate with the theories (30 points, 15 points each)

ARGUMENT/RESOLUTION: The paper makes an original argument to resolve the issue or action, with its own premises. The argument or resolution does not merely summarize the analyses or repeat the facts of the issue or action. Obvious fallacies are avoided (like cultural or religious appeals). (20 points)

STYLE: The paper is written in a style appropriate to a college-level humanities class. The works-cited page corresponds to the words actually cited in the paper. (10 points) cycle Abortion Acceptable Argumentative Essay Abortion Acceptable Argumentative Essay Abortion Acceptable Argumentative Essay