MAR 3802 St Petersburg College Athletic Supreme Marketing Plan Report

MAR 3802 St Petersburg College Athletic Supreme Marketing Plan Report

Marketing Plan Project Instructions

For your Marketing Plan Project, you need to create a fictitious company with a product (or line of products) or service that you want to analyze and promote. You can make up your product/service or use an existing one. If you use an existing one, you may want to add something that makes it unique. Just look around your house or office and you will find many of them. You can use websites such as amazon or ebay for ideas. Once you have found a product/service, please Let me know asap as I have to recieve approval from my professor!

There is a great example of a Marketing Plan in your book (page 60) that you can use as a model.

Basic Guidelines:

  1. View the Marketing Plan Project Grading Rubric to understand how you will be evaluated.
  2. The project is due at the end of the sixth week (Module 6).
  3. The project has to be submitted to this Dropbox.
  4. You have six weeks to complete the project. For this reason no extensions will be granted regardless of circumstances. Please do your project with enough time to finish it on time and avoid last minute problems.
  5. Please approach the project with a “real world – manager’s” mentality. How would you do it if you were faced with this task in the real world? How would you present it? What would you include? There are many examples that you can use as guidance on the Internet. There is no reason to ask how you should do the project.
  6. There is not a right or wrong format to do the project. Please make sure that your project:
    1. Contains a minimum of 2,500 words.
    2. Is easy to read and understand: The use of graphics is highly recommended.
    3. Is appealing to your audience. Make it interesting.
    4. Follows a format. You can use APA (6th) edition or MLA. Choose one format and follow it. Please do not mix formats.
    5. Cite all your sources
  7. Make sure you touch on all the elements mentioned in the Marketing Plan Outline.
  8. Analyze and summarize your work.
  9. View the Suggested Marketing Plan Outline and/or the Detailed Alternative Marketing Plan Outlinecourse.