Describes your matrix

e production manager of ABC Shoe Company has asked you to create a house of quality matrix that will define the customer requirements of the running shoe as they relate to the capabilities of the manufacturing department. The company has determined a few of the requirements for the shoe. The shoe will be made of a rubber and nylon blend, will be a lace-up shoe, and will be available in black and white.

Create a house of quality matrix using quality function deployment, and complete the following:

  • Create 3 customer requirements for the running shoe.
  • Based on the 3 requirements, determine the capabilities that are required by the manufacturing department to be able to meet customer requirements.
  • Explain to the production manager of the ABC Shoe Company your rationale for the customer requirements and how they fit into the business design strategy for this product.

Write a memo of 2–3 pages that does the following:

  • Describes your matrix
  • Describes why you believe that these customer requirements are related to the capabilities of the manufacturing department and how they fit into the business strategy of design.

Use the library, Internet, and other resources (at least 2) to research your response. Include the following:


  • All resources should be cited in the body of the work as well as listed in the reference section at the bottom of the page.
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