MKT 435 UOPX Week 2 Developing A Marketing Strategy Discussion

MKT 435 Week 2 Developing A Marketing Strategy Discussion

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Understanding the mind of the consumer is important when developing a marketing strategy. Why is it important to understand how attitudes are formed and changed through motivation and emotion? How can understanding the attitudes help you when creating a marketing strategy?

Part 2.

respond to these 2 in a couple sentences.

1. it is very important to understand the mind of the consumer when developing a marketing strategy, because, consumers mind or behaviour is governed by their attitude, emotions and motivation. If these elements are recognised it will be very effective to formulate a strategy that Influence the customers to buy the offerings. A marketer need to know how the attitudes are formed and changed through motivation, so that he try to pitch the Product with all the necessary information and motivate the employees by promoting it in a way that attracts them and make them connect with it.

Understanding the attitude helps in identifying how a customer think about a product, what past experience has affected his perception, and why he or she has negative/positive response towards some products. By these factors a marketer can come up with better marketing strategies which can impact the customers segmented and targeted and are put under research to know their buying habits and behavior. Once you’ve conducted your research, invest the time and energy to read and reread the verbatim responses of each respondent. In doing so, look for overt or implicit patterns. Remember, search for what went unsaid in these interviews as diligently as you focus on what was said.

2. It is important for a company to understand how attitudes are formed and changed through motivation and emotion so they can develop an effective market strategy. The book states ways you can change attitudes by focusing on the cognitive component. There are four basic marketing strategies and those are change beliefs, shift importance, add beliefs, and change ideal. These marketing strategies are used for altering the cognitive structure of a consumer’s attitude. Change belief is a strategy that involves shifting beliefs about the performance of the brand on one or more attributes.

The book also states that marketers typically have a greater risk of success when they change the total brand attitude by targeting weaker brand beliefs that are more vulnerable to persuasion attempts. Shift importance is when marketers often try to convince consumers that those attributes on which their brands are strong is the most important. Add beliefs is an approach to change the cognitive component of an attitude is to add new beliefs to the consumer’s belief structure. The last strategy is change ideal this is when you change the perceptions of the brand or situation.