DePaul University Economy of Thailand Report

DePaul University Economy of Thailand Report

  • First, choose a foreign country. It can be any country you are interested in, that you would like to travel to, or conduct business in. The choice of foreign country will not be graded (there are no wrong options) but try to avoid your own country, or a country in which you are near-native. On the other hand, it would help you later on if you know someone from this country.
  • For this assignment, you must submit a report on this country. Think the type of actionable, relevant information that a manager would want if they knew nothing at all about the country and tasked you with putting them up to speed. It should be a short (approx. 2 single-spaced pages) bullet-point report of facts, one or two visuals are welcome if relevant.
  • At the end of your report you must include a table listing opportunities and threats to keep in mind while doing marketing in this country. This is akin to the OT, or external, part of a SWOT analysis. Make sure to include at least two opportunities and two threats based on uncontrollable factors (as seen in module 2) and/or barriers to global marketing (as seen in module 3).

The challenge of this assignment is in summarizing an entire human community and reducing it to a considerably short list of sentences, numbers and visuals. You will be graded on how comprehensive but concise your report is, how marketing-relevant and insightful your data is, and how much the report demonstrates effort put into researching and understanding the foreign culture.

Write your answers in a Word document or another text processing file and submit. Economy of Thailand ReportEconomy of Thailand Report Economy of Thailand Report