MKT 435 UP Impact of a Brand on Consumer Decision Making Process Discussion

UP Impact of a Brand on Consumer Decision Making Process Discussion

Part 1.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Consumer behavior has a major part in the development of a marketing strategy. What are some of the elements of the consumer behavior decision-making process? Why is it important to understand these elements? How would you apply them to a marketing strategy?

Part 2.

Respond to these next posts in a couple sentences.

1. The website business two community states that the five steps of consumer behavior decision making process consist of problem recognition, search process, evaluating alternatives, selection stage, and evaluation of decision. Problem recognition is when the consumer develops a need or a want so they are satisfied. They feel like something is missing and it needs to be addressed. The next step is search process, this is when the consumer researches the product or service that can satisfy their need or want. The third step is evaluating alternatives this is when the consumer will determine what will satisfy their want or need and they will look for the best deal. This is typically based on price, quality, or other factors that they think are important. The fourth stage is the selection stage. After the consumer does the first three steps they now will decide on what they will purchase and where. The last step is the evaluation of decision, does this product satisfy their need or want? Is it above or below their expectations? It is important for companies to understand these elements so they can sale their product to consumers. Having great knowledge of the actual process each consumer goes through when they are purchasing a product can help the company make a sale and keep consumers coming back and buying their product. Applying marketing strategy is vital in getting consumers. Companies must have a great understanding of who they are selling to and companies must optimize the buying decision from top to bottom to catch customers at every stage of their journey states the website alexa blog.

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2. Speaking as a consumer, one of the elements that impact my decision-making when buying a product is need. Do I need the product, or do I want the product? Second element is the price. Third element I consider quality. Four element I consider is other consumer’s reviews. I, personally, don’t just look for the cheapest product. When I am searching for product, I try to look for high quality product for a decent price. Decent price depends on the product and other products on the market and the quality and the lifetime of product. Consumer reviews helps me decide because it helps me understand the product without having in procession.

Another element that might choose one company over another is shipping. Cost and how quickly will I receive the item will make me choose one competitor against another one. Also, if it’s a trusted brand, I would choose a product over one that may not be so popular. It’s important to known how consumer shop, it determines whether or not your product will sell and whether or not your company will have a loyal consumer that will return back for more. Impact of a Brand on Consumer Impact of a Brand on Consumer Impact of a Brand on Consumer Impact of a Brand on Consumer Impact of a Brand on Consumer Impact of a Brand on Consumer