Celine Opportunity to Address Sustainability and Brands Purpose Concerns Paper

Celine Opportunity to Address Sustainability and Brands Purpose Concerns Paper

The assessment is based on the Bloomsbury Fashion Business Case study approach and you will be given a structure for the assignment as well as explanation on what is expected in each section.

The case study will identify a brand management issue, challenge or opportunity that is relevant to the contemporary fashion industry in an unbiased manner. You will use your selected case to exemplify the business problem / challenge / issue. You will conduct an in-depth analysis of the target consumer, their buying behaviour and trends driving brand consumption as well as the brand and positioning strategies currently used by your selected brand and articulate business questions that promote discussion of the key issues within the case.

  • The business problem / issue / challenge / opportunity should be topical and relevant
  • The case should promote discussion through thought-provoking business questions
  • The style of writing must adhere to academic and professional writing conventions, worthy of onward publishing.
    Examples of business issues/challenge/opportunity include (not exclusive) the following:
  • Lack of effective integration of physical and digital offer (Phygital)
  • Opportunity to address sustainability and brands purpose concerns
  • Opportunity for a brand to deal with managing a crisis
  • Poor brand performance due to internal/external factors
  • Need to rejuvenate brand due to consumer changes or competitor landscape
  • Challenge to establish effective consumer engagement
  • Opportunity to enhance customer journey through creation of sensory brand touch points
  1. Formative Assessment Brief Submit a 1-page case study proposal (template will be available on Moodle) including: 2
  • Case study title
  • Learning objectives of the case
  • Brief description of the case, outlining the scope and content
  • Your selected brand and justification of your choice
  • The problem / challenge / opportunity that will be explored including key concepts, theorists, theories
  • Analysis of the target consumer and current brand and positioning strategies adopted
  • Business question/s (that ensue from the analysis / issues identified)channel?