MKTG 2270 Saint Marys University Personal Marketing Plan Report

MKTG 2270 Saint Marys University Personal Marketing Plan Report


Even if you choose not to pursue a career in marketing, the value of understanding the strategic marketing process and marketing concepts not only equips you to sell goods and services, but to market a very important person – you.

To that end, develop a marketing plan, using the attached template (maximum 3 pages, single spaced), for yourself, which will allow you to secure your dream position upon graduation.


Identify the specific type of career you hope to pursue and develop a marketing plan for obtaining your first job upon graduation.

An important starting point is a situation analysis, which involves taking stock of what you have done regarding your career search, where you are now, and where you are headed in terms of your goal/existing plans and the external factors and trends affecting your employment prospects. A SWOT analysis should be used to appraise your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities for and threats (or barriers) to successful employment.

Conduct an internal analysis, ask yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of the courses taken and grades received, work experience, extra-curricular activities involvement, honours received, etc. Conduct an external analysis, ask yourself which industries or types of jobs are growing or in demand that may be opportunities.

Further, ask yourself what advantages or “points of difference” you have relative to other “competitors” seeking the same job opportunities, such as taking this marketing course, the reputation of this educational institution, etc. Finally, ask yourself what other external forces can impact your job search, for example a downturn in the economy, the need to be computer literate, etc. This type of focused approach helps to define potential market segments that can be targeted.

The next task is to develop your own personal marketing mix.

· What type of “product” do you have to offer?

· What sort of “pricing” is appropriate?

· What “promotion” will be utilized?

· What type of “place” or channel will be used? These include intermediaries such as on-campus career services, networking, and employment agencies.

Using the attached templates, develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will secure for you an appropriate career and starting position.course.