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Must be able to passall originality tests. Now that you assessed thebusiness (attached), identified some of the inefficient HR related processesplaguing Gladwell Grocery Stores, and pinpointed a few possiblesolutions, it is time to choose an HRIS application that will suit thebusiness. In this assignment, you will consider the HR function you chose inPhase I, and recommend the type of HRIS that you believe would be the mostefficient for addressing this function.To prepare for this assignment,review the Gladwell Grocery Stores case scenario (attached), and thenresearch potential HRIS types and HRIS vendors that may suit the needs for Mr.Bell and Gladwell Grocery Stores.Write a three to four (3-4)page paper in which you:HRIS Needs Assessment1.  Prioritize the top three (3) benefits that anHRIS will offer the business, and explain your position. Next, examine theeffect of automation on creating a more efficient process for the HR functionchosen in Phase I.Choose HRIS Type2.  Based on your research, select the type ofHRIS that you plan to implement for your client. Analyze two (2) of thesystem’s offerings that you believe would be best suited to addressing yourclient’s needs. Then, assess two (2) ways that the selected HRIS can improveefficiency for the HR function you chose in Phase I. Defend your decisions withtheory and findings from past readings and class activities.Choose HRIS Vendor3.  Now that you know the type of HRIS you will beimplementing, it is time to choose an HRIS vendor. Compare and contrast two (2)vendors, including a description of the cost, capabilities, and HR functionsthat the HRIS caters to. Based on your comparison, choose the HRIS vendor thatyou will recommend to your client, and explain the main reason why you decidedto choose this vendor over the others.4.  Use at least (4) four qualityacademic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia andsimilar Websites do not qualify as academic resources.Format your assignmentaccording to the following formatting requirements:a.  Typed, double spaced, using Times New Romanfont (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.b.  Include a cover page containing the title ofthe assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and thedate. The cover page is not included in the required page length.c.  Include a reference page. Citations andreferences must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in therequired page length.Gladwell GroceryStores Case ScenarioGladwell GroceryStores has ten (10) stores in upstate New York. They have approximately 400 –440 employees. Most of the employees are part time, with approximately 45% ofthem full time. The operations manager, Tom Bell, also acts as the HR managerand travels to each location each week to take care of recruiting, scheduling,hiring, and answering questions for the employees as needed. He also takes careof payroll using Excel spreadsheets and has computer software to print payrollchecks.Mr. Bell approaches you,an independent HR consultant and owner of your own consulting firm, for aproposal. He would like to greatly reduce his travel to each location eachweek, due to the increase in gasoline costs. He is curious to know if there isanything you can suggest in helping him complete his HR tasks more efficientlyand in a cost-effective manner. He hopes there is some way he can do part ofhis HR tasks from his office instead of traveling to each location every week.Asst 1Ahuman resource information system is a human resource software that allowshuman resource activities and process to occur electronically. This softwareallows for control and management in large companies without allocationresources to them. At Gladwell Grocery Store, there are ten outlets of thestore in New York. The total number of workers in all the ten stores is roughly400,440; this is an indication that Gladwell grocery store is a largeenterprise. Forty-five percent of the employees work on part time basis. Thegrocery has one operations manager who doubles up as the human resourcemanager. The human resource manager travels to these stores on a weekly basisto take of human resource matters. Handling employee issues appear to be adifficult duty since the grocery does not have the human resource informationsystem. The use of Excel spreadsheet to prepare employee payroll for the400,440 employees is a very tedious exerciseEmployeeeffectiveness is significantly affected by the approaches taken by managementto handle their issues. In the retail industry, most workers tend to work onpart time basis. This shift operation is an advantage which administration cantap into; the managers can use employee retention techniques to convertpart-time worker to full-time employment. Developing of employee leadershipskills is an essential tool, retail shops with several branches do not need tohave a central commanding authority, and the human resource can task one of theemployees with the responsibility of responding to their complaints withoutholding any position in the enterprise. It is vital for the manager to monitorday-to-day employee performance. In a busy environment such as grocery shopssetting of targets for each worker will help in the follow-up to theperformance without a physical presence to supervise their work (Lussier, &Hendon, 2013). Face to face, communication helps in building confidence inemployees.Humanresource department in an organization plays a leading role in driving theproductivity of an enterprise. This is the unit that manages the key factor ofproduction; labour. Department has the following functions to play in business,recruitment of workers, training and development, compensation and benefits,compliance with labour requirements, workplace safety and strengtheningemployee-employer relations. Salary and benefit are a chief duty of the humanresource managers (Lussier, & Hendon, 2013). This role is vital since it iswhat makes workers engage in gainful employment. This duty is also a primarycause of employee grievance in the majority of organizations. This functionalso has a direct effect on worker output; empirical studies indicate that agreater percentage of employees go on strike for salary increment purposes(Williams, & Williams, 2014).  Bettercompensation and motivation improve worker’s productivity.Humanresource information system plays major functions in an organization. However,this system payroll functions are automated, and the bulk of the work isreduced. HRIS helps in reducing the actions of administration by carrying outcertain functions that are employee related. With an extra time saved by HRIS,the human resource manager will have a chance to train employees on variousmatters (Tiwari, Tiwari, & Shah, 2013). Training systems within the HRISwill assist in tracking and training of the employees on critical aspects oftheir role. Employee benefit and motivation include issues such as salary,allowances, per diems, Retirement benefits, insurance, and promotions. A humanresource information system is critical in automating employee payrollmanagement, thus reducing the work of the department. Some process in handlingthe compensation such as insurance and retirement benefits has been made easy.Individual workers can fill the family and next of kin requirements on theirown without visiting the department offices. The system has created anefficient platform for such functions.