Define police professionalism and t outcomes of i police professionalism during the 20th century

 Define police professionalism and  t outcomes of i police professionalism during  the 20th century.Professionalism is the highest standards a fundamental w is e to the pr of law as a lice o he or she are like ew is ugh training.  O outcome is In the 20th c there were p c and misconduct this is a of p a, but its interchangeably. Misconduct is a procedural of c and c violations if a police officer v  the lice d he or she will suffer the co.Provide o e of recent events  involving police p.One event was a  s man of St Louis Missouri s shot in the neck d a traffic stop he s a police o he was paralyzed from the neck down . P c calls it a ca it damaged his s cordAnother event is Officer M  s shot f behind on  8  stopping a man for  in  MO it was about 30,000 r he s a l that d a jailed on a 500,000 bond w s c this was f dass from law e.Explain at recommendations or st co be implemented to h establish more positive relationshipsUnderstand the arsenal of tactics a s that p have at th dKnow how to a t tactics and s to an ac crime pa or pr Know how to ma e r for tactical or s ac and in the pr forum Apprehension tics w work best when there is a re c of i and capturing the offender(particularly when the police have a s d or s p e or when the t or geographic c of the p e narrow e that officer have a g c of interrupting the crime in progress.Evidence s as physical e s as DNA f sh pr ice r or v r can be ma to offenders through st investigative techniques.Rapid Response k the existence  of a p.Planned R p can use known information about offenders s of events to c him a the o has cured.Silent alarms are likely  in a  s a can  police to the scene w the offender is still thereReferences: S, J A (2009) In Pursuit of Poe Professionalism: The Development & A of a Conceptual M of P in Law E {University of Pittsburgh ETD} (Unpublished)legal-dictionary the(free dictionary.com/Police corruption+and+misconduct.net/resources/attitude/.

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