Desensitization to Violence- Please give you opinion to the active and use cited work -Psychology Majors Only Contact Me

In our analysis of learning, we have come to understand that habituation and conditioning can really alter our behaviors.In theory, desensitization to violence represents a form of habituation, and results in a diminished response to a stimulus after repeated exposure.The results of a study published last year, by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, suggests that while emotional desensitization to violence in early adolescence contributes to serious violence in late adolescence, the long-term consequences of such desensitization are actually unknown. In referencing several other lab-based experiments, exposure to violent movies and video games in college students, has led to increased depressive and anxiety symptoms that diminished with repeated exposure.For instance, viewing of violent movies led to increased depressive and anxiety symptoms that diminished with repeated exposure, as well as less empathy and sympathy for the depicted victims.Further, it was revealed in a meta-analysis of 136 studies that exposure to violent video games also contributes to decreased empathy. I found it fascinating however, that despite these findings, it is unclear if desensitization would occur at equal levels of real-life violence simply due to exposure to films and games.The study also suggested that alternative explanations to real life violence are more correlated to quality of interpersonal relationships, academic and occupational outcomes. 

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