Do you observe any families in the neighborhoods? Can you observe their structure or functioning?

    • Do you see evidence of anything that might make you suspicious of ground, water, or air pollutants?
    • What is the sanitary condition of the housing? Is housing overcrowded, dirty, or in need of repair? Are windows screened?
    • What is the condition of the roads? Are potholes present? Are drainage systems in place? Are there low water crossings, and do they have warning signals? Are there adequate traffic lights, signs, sidewalks, and curbs? Are railroad crossings fitted with warnings and barriers? Are streets and parking lots well lit? Is this a heavily trafficked area, or are roads rural? Are there curves or features that make the roads hazardous?
    • Is there handicapped access to buildings, sidewalks, and streets?
    • Do you observe recreational facilities and playgrounds? Are they being used? Is there a YMCA/YWCA or community center? Are there any day care facilities or preschools?
    • Are children playing in the streets, alleys, yards, or parks?
    • Do you see any restaurants?
    • Is food sold on the streets? Are people eating in public areas? Are there trash receptacles and places for people to sit? Are public restrooms available?
    • What evidence of any nuisances such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, or rodents do you observe? Are there stray animals wandering in the neighborhood?
  • 5. Social functioning:
    • Do you observe any families in the neighborhoods? Can you observe their structure or functioning? Who is caring for the children? What kind of supervision do they have? Is more than one generation present?
    • Are there any identifiable subgroups related to one another either socially or geographically?
    • What evidence of a sense of neighborliness can you observe?
    • What evidence of community cohesiveness can you observe? Are there any group efforts in the neighborhood to improve the living conditions or the neighborhood? Is there a neighborhood watch? Do community groups post signs for neighborhood meetings?
    • How many and what type of churches, synagogues, and other places of worship are there?
    • Can you observe anything that would make you suspicious of social problems, such as gang activity, juvenile delinquency, drug or alcohol abuse, and adolescent pregnancy?
  • 6. Attitude toward health and health care:
    • Do you observe any evidence of folk medicine practice, such as a botanical or herbal medicine shop? Are there any alternative medicine practitioners?
    • Do you observe that health resources are well utilized or underutilized?
    • Is there evidence of preventive or wellness care?
    • Do you observe any efforts to improve the neighborhood’s health? Planned health fairs? Do you see advertisements for health-related events, clinics, or lectures?





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