How 3D representations can help people to perceive scale accurately

Do people perceive scale accurately in 3D representations?
The study is aimed to establish how 3D representations can help people to perceive scale accurately, by examining different effects of visual perspectives within a 3D visual representation system.

The areas that will be looked at:
– Psychophysical methods (Method of adjustment and Method of constant stimuli)
– Perception of scale
– Perceiving Depth
– Que integration
– 3D visualisation
– Visual attention
– View points in 3D representations
– geometrical primitives such as points, lines, and curves
– vector graphics
– Parallel projection
– isometric/axonometric projection, oblique projection, orthographic projection, – – billboarding, parallax scrolling, scaling, skyboxes, and skydomes.
– pseudo-3D techniques
– isometric/axonometric projection

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