How are NYSE and NASDAQ similar, if at all?

You have been asked to write a report for a group of new stock brokers about the NYSE-Euronext and the NASDAQ.

Visit both the NYSE Homepage, and the NASDAQ Homepage, and write a paper of 2–3 pages on how the two exchanges operate. Make sure to address the following three questions:

    • How are NYSE and NASDAQ similar, if at all?
    • How are the two exchanges different from one another, if at all?
    • What is The Public Company Accounting and Investor Protection Act of 2002? Describe the law in your own words. Assignment Guidelines:
    • You may first want to create an outline to determine the information you want to include before you actually start writing the report.
    • Using the links in the assignment description, research the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ).
    • Answer the 3 questions listed in the assignment description.
    • Compile your answers into a Word document of 2–3 pages.
    • Provide a list in APA format of all sources used and insert any necessary in-text quotations.
    • Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following:
    • A double-spaced Word document of 2–3 pages that contains your answers to the questions listed in the assignment description.
    • An additional reference page in APA format. Grading:You will be graded on the accuracy of your exchange examinations as well as your adherence to the assignme
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