What are the at-risk genotypes associated with Hb S?

Chapter 3:Page 77-78Question: 8 (0.5 points each; 1.5 points), 12 (1.5 points), and 14 (2 points)In your own words (please do not copy the wording of the article), use the article to answer the questions below: What are the at-risk genotypes associated with Hb S? Use this article or Figure 3.9 to help you. (0.5 points)What is the mode of inheritance? (0.25 points)Briefly list the symptoms individuals who have 2 copies, or 1 copy of the Hb S variant experience? (0.75 points)What is the difference in phenotype between normal carrier, diseased individuals? (0.5 points)Why has the frequency of individuals of African Mediterranean ancestries maintained the sickle cell trait? (0.5 points) Create a punnett square using 2 carriers of the sickle cell allele. Include the phenotypic and genotypic ratios. (2.5 points)

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